Let's, just for a moment, hypothetically assume that everything we wish to achieve lies on a single straight line. Along the straight line are various checkpoints of wants, desires and achievements. Every time you fulfill a goal, another takes its place and so the story goes. Life, however, is not a straight line. More of… Continue reading Zig-zagging

The notion of being ‘good enough’

I have to make a strange admission - throughout my life, I have been afraid of not being good enough. Not being good enough at academics, at dance, at swimming, at reading 'smart' books and so on. I've striven to be absolutely perfect in every single thing that I have done and while I end… Continue reading The notion of being ‘good enough’

Social Media Detox

Quite an enormous proportion of the human race has convinced itself that our phones, specifically social media, are absolutely imperative for our survival in this modern, tech-driven world. To be honest, I was one of these people, maybe I still am, but there's a seed of doubt in my mind now. I'm a college student.… Continue reading Social Media Detox

Pain is inevitable

Pain is inevitable, that much I have learnt is true. It's what we make of the pain that we undergo that defines us. I truly believe that. I used to be the kind of person who just festered in their pain. I'd feel hopeless and rather helpless most times and it would be so terrible… Continue reading Pain is inevitable


Human beings are always evolving, constantly in a state of flux in tandem with the world around them. Nevertheless, there are some things that remain the same - the most inert parts of our personalities, belief systems and habits. Maybe it's because of genetics, maybe because we were conditioned to be a particular way and… Continue reading Flux

Studying Abroad

A little bit about me. I was brought up in one city, all my life. I went to one school during my entire education. I've lived only in two homes and had friends only from my city for the majority of my life, until college. I didn't even move away from home for college. And… Continue reading Studying Abroad


How do I draw a line between protecting my mental health and being downright lazy? This is something I've indirectly wondered about for a long time, but now I think it's high time I addressed it directly. I constantly ask myself, am I doing enough? The answer is, I'm not. Here's where the conflict arises:… Continue reading Laziness


I never believed that there was a time and place for everything. I didn't that there was ever a possibility that a person was/people were not ready for something. I thought that the only variable I should take into account is whether a person puts effort into something. And I still do believe in the… Continue reading Ready