Social Media Detox

Quite an enormous proportion of the human race has convinced itself that our phones, specifically social media, are absolutely imperative for our survival in this modern, tech-driven world. To be honest, I was one of these people, maybe I still am, but there's a seed of doubt in my mind now. I'm a college student.… Continue reading Social Media Detox

A bottle of honey

A bottle of honey On the 25th of April, I wrote these three small chits and stowed them away into a bottle of honey. I'd done it as a part of a workshop, we were meant to write down things that we wanted to personify, or qualities we wanted to foster within ourselves and open… Continue reading A bottle of honey


Human beings are always evolving, constantly in a state of flux in tandem with the world around them. Nevertheless, there are some things that remain the same - the most inert parts of our personalities, belief systems and habits. Maybe it's because of genetics, maybe because we were conditioned to be a particular way and… Continue reading Flux


One of my most deep-seated and real fears is being mediocre. The thought of being an ordinary woman, with an ordinary life scares the hell out of me. I can't imagine myself as a domestic woman, doing domestic things. And this is not to say that I have something against people who do choose that… Continue reading Mediocrity

The minds of the people around me

Alright, so this is a thought that just came to me this morning. It's been barely 15 minutes since I've been fully awake but there's something different in the air today. Because you see, last night I had a conversation about some pretty heavy stuff with a friend. Pasts, presents, futures. Energies, paths and instincts.… Continue reading The minds of the people around me