Some things never go away

When I was a teenager, I self-harmed. I would cut myself every time I got upset or sad or angry. I was around 13 years old when I first did it, I was really sad about something, but I just can't remember what. By the time I turned 17, it was a terrible dependency. I… Continue reading Some things never go away

Social Media Detox

Quite an enormous proportion of the human race has convinced itself that our phones, specifically social media, are absolutely imperative for our survival in this modern, tech-driven world. To be honest, I was one of these people, maybe I still am, but there's a seed of doubt in my mind now. I'm a college student.… Continue reading Social Media Detox

A bottle of honey

A bottle of honey On the 25th of April, I wrote these three small chits and stowed them away into a bottle of honey. I'd done it as a part of a workshop, we were meant to write down things that we wanted to personify, or qualities we wanted to foster within ourselves and open… Continue reading A bottle of honey

The minds of the people around me

Alright, so this is a thought that just came to me this morning. It's been barely 15 minutes since I've been fully awake but there's something different in the air today. Because you see, last night I had a conversation about some pretty heavy stuff with a friend. Pasts, presents, futures. Energies, paths and instincts.… Continue reading The minds of the people around me

To reassert my priorities

For me, self-growth has become a constant process of me pulling myself out of self-depleting mindsets and allowing myself to assign more importance to my own self, than others. More often than not, it's a challenge (as it should be) to do this. I think about other people a lot more than I think about… Continue reading To reassert my priorities