I hate lockdowns

So, the Netherlands is in lockdown. A fucking hard lockdown, for a month, during the fucking holidays. I am so, so, so frustrated by this. I've been working my ass off since the moment I got here. I've been studying and that's virtually all I've been doing because I wanted to do well in my… Continue reading I hate lockdowns

Social Media Detox

Quite an enormous proportion of the human race has convinced itself that our phones, specifically social media, are absolutely imperative for our survival in this modern, tech-driven world. To be honest, I was one of these people, maybe I still am, but there's a seed of doubt in my mind now. I'm a college student.… Continue reading Social Media Detox


I haven't been doing very well since yesterday in terms of my mental health. A lot of stuff has been going on. My university is conducting exams when there was a regulation released that they should be cancelled, there's a COVID case pretty close to home and I've been feeling rather unproductive and inferior lately.… Continue reading Stress

Numb to the Numbers

The COVID-19 pandemic has the world at its knees. People are suffering, they're dying and the rest of us are quarantined with our mental healths possibly weakening. Despite this, I have faith that we will come out of this victorious, as we have after past epidemics and pandemics. But there's something that I want to… Continue reading Numb to the Numbers