I hate lockdowns

So, the Netherlands is in lockdown. A fucking hard lockdown, for a month, during the fucking holidays. I am so, so, so frustrated by this.

I’ve been working my ass off since the moment I got here. I’ve been studying and that’s virtually all I’ve been doing because I wanted to do well in my classes. I decided that once I was done with my exam, I’d take a well-deserved break. I’d go to the museums, travel with friends, go out, meet new people. There was so much I wanted to do. And I feel like it’s being taken away from me.

I’m going to finish this exam only to be cooped up in my fucking room for another month. All my friends have gone back to India, or are travelling Europe with their families while I’m stuck here. So I’m going to be stuck inside and lonely, great.

I just wanted this break. I wanted to go to restaurants, to bars and just let go for a few days. I wanted it so bad. And I’m so fucking frustrated that this is being taken away from me.

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