Healing stress through gratitude

Nobody ever told me how absolutely stressful going abroad to study is. Maybe things are more difficult because of the pandemic, but this is a kind of stress and worry that I have never experienced before. Nearly every night, I'll receive an email from university, or some other important entity I'm interacting with and it… Continue reading Healing stress through gratitude

Bad days

Everyone has good days and bad days. I've been having a couple of meh-ish, bad days in a row now. It's not too serious, but I feel like these things build up, you know? My bad days usually start with a feeling of heaviness when I wake up in the morning; maybe because of a… Continue reading Bad days


I haven't been doing very well since yesterday in terms of my mental health. A lot of stuff has been going on. My university is conducting exams when there was a regulation released that they should be cancelled, there's a COVID case pretty close to home and I've been feeling rather unproductive and inferior lately.… Continue reading Stress


Lauv is a singer that I've been listening to for over a year now. I like his music because I feel that he's one of the few artists whose music I can truly relate to and understand. One thing I love about Lauv is that he's honest in his music. No sugarcoating, no exaggerations just… Continue reading Changes