I don’t deserve a good friend

There's some things about myself that I just haven't been able to put into words so far. But I'm going to try right now. Hopefully I can unpack this enough to help myself start working on it. I do my best to be a positive influence on others' lives. I try to help them in… Continue reading I don’t deserve a good friend

The notion of being ‘good enough’

I have to make a strange admission - throughout my life, I have been afraid of not being good enough. Not being good enough at academics, at dance, at swimming, at reading 'smart' books and so on. I've striven to be absolutely perfect in every single thing that I have done and while I end… Continue reading The notion of being ‘good enough’


I'm afraid of not being good at things. If you've read some of my previous posts or know me personally, you've probably picked up on this. I am terrified of being average. So terrified, in fact, that being bad at something is simply not an option. Just the thought of being bad at something, anything,… Continue reading Train