I went to Utrecht today. There was a magic in the air. I fell in absolute awe and love with the city as I walked the cobbled streets, listened to the sounds of cycle gears shifting and danced to beautiful music in my mind. Nothing compares to the emotion I am feeling right now. Nothing… Continue reading Zeke


I'm afraid of not being good at things. If you've read some of my previous posts or know me personally, you've probably picked up on this. I am terrified of being average. So terrified, in fact, that being bad at something is simply not an option. Just the thought of being bad at something, anything,… Continue reading Train


Lauv is a singer that I've been listening to for over a year now. I like his music because I feel that he's one of the few artists whose music I can truly relate to and understand. One thing I love about Lauv is that he's honest in his music. No sugarcoating, no exaggerations just… Continue reading Changes