I went to Utrecht today. There was a magic in the air. I fell in absolute awe and love with the city as I walked the cobbled streets, listened to the sounds of cycle gears shifting and danced to beautiful music in my mind. Nothing compares to the emotion I am feeling right now. Nothing… Continue reading Zeke

Waiting for the next ‘big thing’

Lately, it feels like my days are just 'fillers' until I go away to college. Everyday feels the same: I wake up, do my morning chores, sit in front of my laptop and just stare. Nothing feels like it has any value anymore. I think the pandemic plays a part in it, of course. But… Continue reading Waiting for the next ‘big thing’

Some things are ‘just for me’

Do you have a few things you keep to yourself? Objects, thoughts or emotions. They're yours and no one else's, you rarely talk about them because sharing them is tainting them. I have some things like this and I know for certain that others in my life do too. People who are not private, become… Continue reading Some things are ‘just for me’