Night silence

You know, living alone, it's the nights that are the quietest. Past 8:00 PM, when nearly everybody from my old life is asleep and everybody from my new life seemingly has plans. I unlock my phone and there's no messages. I open someone's chat and hope to see them online. But they're not. Or, they… Continue reading Night silence


Recently, a friend of mine asked me what colour I think she is. She's a cute girl. Sarcastic, funny and expressive. The colour that comes to mind when I look at her is grey. A soft and pretty grey. It's a beautiful colour, but I felt that she wasn't satisfied with being called "grey". And… Continue reading Grey

Some things are ‘just for me’

Do you have a few things you keep to yourself? Objects, thoughts or emotions. They're yours and no one else's, you rarely talk about them because sharing them is tainting them. I have some things like this and I know for certain that others in my life do too. People who are not private, become… Continue reading Some things are ‘just for me’