Night silence

You know, living alone, it's the nights that are the quietest. Past 8:00 PM, when nearly everybody from my old life is asleep and everybody from my new life seemingly has plans. I unlock my phone and there's no messages. I open someone's chat and hope to see them online. But they're not. Or, they… Continue reading Night silence

Power in a conversation

Just a few minutes ago, I was having a conversation with my internship/work supervisor. We were talking about a feedback and pitch call for potential clients. She said something that really hit me. She said, always be conscious of the power you hold in a conversation. Ensure you have that power and you're not simply… Continue reading Power in a conversation


I've had a few conversations lately that have truly liberated me. They left me feeling great right after, but they were liberating because of the fact that they made me think. They made me think about myself and my life. I'm someone who's always happy to self-reflect, though there are times when there's a literal… Continue reading Conversations