I don’t deserve a good friend

There's some things about myself that I just haven't been able to put into words so far. But I'm going to try right now. Hopefully I can unpack this enough to help myself start working on it. I do my best to be a positive influence on others' lives. I try to help them in… Continue reading I don’t deserve a good friend


Lately, the topic of boundaries has become quite an important matter of reflection in my life. It started off with wondering about the boundaries I'm setting with other people, which one's I've crossed in the past and have paid heavily for; but also the ones that I have understood completely and respected. Before, the way… Continue reading Boundaries

I was not made for fickle hook ups, casual dating or plain, old fucking

I wrote this one when I was seething with intense emotions that drove me to spit out all my thoughts into writing. Though, I do believe in every single word I've written in this one (even though I may act otherwise, sometimes). i was not made for fickle hook ups, casual dating or plain, old… Continue reading I was not made for fickle hook ups, casual dating or plain, old fucking

It’s been years

On the same day I wrote the 'for music, art and love', I dedicated an ode to the feeling I feel when I write. It was truly exhilarating. it's been years it has been years since poetry has flowed within mesince it has ebbedand ripplied within my very beingsince it has felt like electricity coursing… Continue reading It’s been years


I've had a few conversations lately that have truly liberated me. They left me feeling great right after, but they were liberating because of the fact that they made me think. They made me think about myself and my life. I'm someone who's always happy to self-reflect, though there are times when there's a literal… Continue reading Conversations