The eye of the storm

Does anyone else ever get this feeling that absolutely engulfs you. It tells you to write, draw, paint, create. It fills you up and you feel like a cup about to overflow. It's a little overwhelming, no doubt; yet the weight of that feeling on your chest is something you welcome. For me, the feeling… Continue reading The eye of the storm

There are some nights

Most poetry I write is a product of two whole minutes of just feeling whatever it is I'm feeling and putting it into words. This is one of those, from last night. There are some nights There are some nightsWhen I want to cry, but I can'tInstead, I rock back and forth in the darknessWilling… Continue reading There are some nights

I was not made for fickle hook ups, casual dating or plain, old fucking

I wrote this one when I was seething with intense emotions that drove me to spit out all my thoughts into writing. Though, I do believe in every single word I've written in this one (even though I may act otherwise, sometimes). i was not made for fickle hook ups, casual dating or plain, old… Continue reading I was not made for fickle hook ups, casual dating or plain, old fucking

It’s been years

On the same day I wrote the 'for music, art and love', I dedicated an ode to the feeling I feel when I write. It was truly exhilarating. it's been years it has been years since poetry has flowed within mesince it has ebbedand ripplied within my very beingsince it has felt like electricity coursing… Continue reading It’s been years

9:00 PM on 4th April, 2020

Oddly enough, some of the most wondrous things I discover are by accident. I make a random decision in passing, which ultimately moves me to my very core. I did something like that a couple of days ago. I signed up for this live stream of Arunoday Singh's poetry reading. I did it simply because… Continue reading 9:00 PM on 4th April, 2020