The eye of the storm

Does anyone else ever get this feeling that absolutely engulfs you. It tells you to write, draw, paint, create. It fills you up and you feel like a cup about to overflow. It’s a little overwhelming, no doubt; yet the weight of that feeling on your chest is something you welcome.

For me, the feeling will start in my chest and spread. It’s like dropping a dollop of paint into a glass of water. It spills over one point, and then it’ll spread, dance and sway all the way to the bottom. It’s absolutely beautiful.

It’s a feeling of dull pain, yet great potential. It’s feeling all my emotions all at once, being hit like a tidal wave. In these moments, my body is the eye of the storm. Powerful, yet, in a strange way, aligned.

It’s so absolutely odd but I love this feeling and I love what it does to me.

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