Not reading lately

I haven't been reading lately and it's gnawing at me. I was someone who used to be glued to a book as a child, even as a teenager. But the past few months, I feel like this part of me has been slipping away. I keep making excuses not to read; telling myself I'm too… Continue reading Not reading lately


Lately, the topic of boundaries has become quite an important matter of reflection in my life. It started off with wondering about the boundaries I'm setting with other people, which one's I've crossed in the past and have paid heavily for; but also the ones that I have understood completely and respected. Before, the way… Continue reading Boundaries

Some books I love

Small specks of my long-term memory allow me glimpses of what it was like when I first learned to read. I didn't read my first, tenth or fifteenth story book at school like some children do. Instead, I enjoyed my first ever story with my head laying on my papa's chest and his voice reading… Continue reading Some books I love