I lied

*written a short while ago, I can't remember exactly when I lied today. About two weeks ago, while cleaning the living room of the apartment I share with my roommates, I think I broke the hand grip thing on a pot lid. Of course, it wasn't intentional, and I must've dropped it or something. I… Continue reading I lied


**I wrote this a while ago, but am just getting around to posting it** I had casual sex for the first time today. 'Casual' casual sex. Not sex with someone I've known a couple of months, have built a friendship with or am in a relationship with. I had sex with someone I met literally… Continue reading Casual

My grandfather’s advice

I just got off the phone with my grandfather. He's a stern and methodical man, he always has been. I've admired him for his need for order, love of lists, habit of writing things down and undying curiosity. I share these characteristics too and I truly believe that these things have rubbed off on me,… Continue reading My grandfather’s advice


I never believed that there was a time and place for everything. I didn't that there was ever a possibility that a person was/people were not ready for something. I thought that the only variable I should take into account is whether a person puts effort into something. And I still do believe in the… Continue reading Ready


I'm still growing up, I think that's obvious. And as a part of growing up, I do understand that some of my beliefs, perceptions and realities haven't taken their final form yet. What I mean by that is I don't know nearly as much as I will at the end of my life, which means… Continue reading Differences

Some books I love

Small specks of my long-term memory allow me glimpses of what it was like when I first learned to read. I didn't read my first, tenth or fifteenth story book at school like some children do. Instead, I enjoyed my first ever story with my head laying on my papa's chest and his voice reading… Continue reading Some books I love