I lied

*written a short while ago, I can't remember exactly when I lied today. About two weeks ago, while cleaning the living room of the apartment I share with my roommates, I think I broke the hand grip thing on a pot lid. Of course, it wasn't intentional, and I must've dropped it or something. I… Continue reading I lied


Rejection is not pretty. I don't like it, and I don't imagine that anyone else does either. To me, rejection feels a lot like failure. And I don't like failing. I think my whole life, whether it is personal or academic, revolves around me doing things that minimise my chance of failure. I do not… Continue reading Rejection


Let's, just for a moment, hypothetically assume that everything we wish to achieve lies on a single straight line. Along the straight line are various checkpoints of wants, desires and achievements. Every time you fulfill a goal, another takes its place and so the story goes. Life, however, is not a straight line. More of… Continue reading Zig-zagging

Death and dying

Death is one of the most complex phenomena in human existence. It's layered and convoluted. We've spent ages, generations, eons attempting to figure out what death truly is - Is it merely the senescence of the mortal body and a celebration of the immortal soul? Is it simply a stage that each individual's spirit undergoes?… Continue reading Death and dying


I've been thinking. Most things I want to do in life require money. Travelling places. Adventure sports. Eating food from around the world. Drinking exotic wines. Buying different kind of clothing. I do understand that these things can be done on a budget, and I do understand that this budget can be as low as… Continue reading Money