Let’s, just for a moment, hypothetically assume that everything we wish to achieve lies on a single straight line. Along the straight line are various checkpoints of wants, desires and achievements. Every time you fulfill a goal, another takes its place and so the story goes.

Life, however, is not a straight line. More of a mess of crests and troughs, if you ask me. Life doesn’t necessarily care for your achievements unless you yourself do. And caring for those achievements means to engineer life into a straight line – not quite sustainable, yet, temporarily possible.

What you do require to take control of your life though, is grit. And courage. One must be stubborn, adamant and relentless in what they want to achieve. Nothing is written in the cards, nothing is fate. Your life is what you make of it. I truly believe that, no matter how much I resist it sometimes.

Sometimes though, I feel like I start to zig-zag. The straight line of my ambition is temporarily forgotten and I struggle to get myself back on track. It’s difficult for me to invest in things that are hard, yet are truly helpful. Why? Well, life comes in the way. College, projects, family, personal issues.

Sometimes, these issues are justified. At other times, however, I just use them as an excuse to get lazy. And that annoys the hell out of me.

I’m not a person who zig-zags. I refuse to be. I’m okay with being the person who undergoes the crests and troughs but I’m not okay with being the person who makes excuses about them. Undergoing life’s ups and downs is normal, expected even. But accepting defeat because of my problems is not acceptable to me. Not at all.

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