Rejection is not pretty. I don't like it, and I don't imagine that anyone else does either. To me, rejection feels a lot like failure. And I don't like failing. I think my whole life, whether it is personal or academic, revolves around me doing things that minimise my chance of failure. I do not… Continue reading Rejection


I went out for lunch with some school friends today. The last time that I met them was years ago, the last time we had a conversation that lasted more than two minutes was months ago. I've never been one to maintain friendships that have run their course; most times, I stop making an effort… Continue reading ‘Different’


I've heard this phrase in different contexts, languages and wordings: 'Your education is a privilege, don't waste it' I never understood it, until now. You see, growing up, all the other kids I knew were either in the same school, or in a school that's just as good. For us, education is a given. Our… Continue reading Education