Sacrificing for love

We were having a discussion about love, relationships and marriage in my Positive Psychology class today. I didn't listen to the entire class, but when I tuned in, my professor was speaking about sacrifice. Sacrifice for love. Some of my fellow students expressed that they didn't believe love is enough for a relationship or marriage,… Continue reading Sacrificing for love

Studying Abroad

A little bit about me. I was brought up in one city, all my life. I went to one school during my entire education. I've lived only in two homes and had friends only from my city for the majority of my life, until college. I didn't even move away from home for college. And… Continue reading Studying Abroad


I've heard this phrase in different contexts, languages and wordings: 'Your education is a privilege, don't waste it' I never understood it, until now. You see, growing up, all the other kids I knew were either in the same school, or in a school that's just as good. For us, education is a given. Our… Continue reading Education