Budget plans

Last evening, my dad and I spent hours making a budget plan for my study abroad. It's not that I've been accepted anyplace yet, but it was a requirement for someplace I'm applying to. At first, it was okay. I kept thinking, oh, we can afford this, it's not that big a deal. But then,… Continue reading Budget plans

Studying Abroad

A little bit about me. I was brought up in one city, all my life. I went to one school during my entire education. I've lived only in two homes and had friends only from my city for the majority of my life, until college. I didn't even move away from home for college. And… Continue reading Studying Abroad

Studying vs. Learning

I have an exam tomorrow. Cognitive Psychology. It's a lot to study in a relatively short time, especially considering I attended classes for this subject over four months ago - before the pandemic. I don't remember anything - and that's an understatement. Nevertheless, I'm trying to stuff my brain with the course plan as much… Continue reading Studying vs. Learning