My mum and I were just having a conversation. She told me that when someone dies of old age, it's easier to accept. As much as you have loved them, the fact that they were so old makes it a little easier to accept. Yet, when someone passes away before their time due to a… Continue reading A COVID Death

Fear of COVID 19

This pandemic has shaken a lot of us up, myself included. Like everyone else, I have never experienced anything like this in my entire life. This is unchartered territory for me. I have never been advised to stay home for as long as we have, I have never gone so long without seeing my friends… Continue reading Fear of COVID 19

Death and dying

Death is one of the most complex phenomena in human existence. It's layered and convoluted. We've spent ages, generations, eons attempting to figure out what death truly is - Is it merely the senescence of the mortal body and a celebration of the immortal soul? Is it simply a stage that each individual's spirit undergoes?… Continue reading Death and dying


Suicide has always been a strange topic for me, having self-harmed in the past and having known how even unintentional actions can cause an accidental death. It's always scared me, as I think it scares everyone else. But today, when my mum told me that someone had committed suicide, I was stilled. Albeit this person… Continue reading Suicide