I’m still growing up, I think that’s obvious. And as a part of growing up, I do understand that some of my beliefs, perceptions and realities haven’t taken their final form yet. What I mean by that is I don’t know nearly as much as I will at the end of my life, which means that I have so much to learn still, so many changes to undergo. What I know for sure is that the person I am today, is truly and considerably different from the person I was yesterday and the one I will be tomorrow.

However, keeping these changes, ever-evolving beliefs and opinions of mine into mind, sometimes I wonder about those around me.

My family. My friends. Strangers.

People see the same objects, scenarios and people so entirely differently. My perspective is almost entirely unique, save for some similarities here and there, with those around me.

These differences are oddly wonderful to me.

The subjective ideas of ‘good’, ‘pain’ and ‘life’. The subjective priorities. The viewpoints. It’s amazing.

Oftentimes, I clash on these points with those around me. It’s annoying, frustrating and can drive me crazy. But lately, I’ve been teaching myself to accept them, to learn more and see things from their perspectives.

For example, while one of my friends would live a career-driven life in that their academics always come first, without a doubt; there is me who does give my academics and career importance but also gives priority to my mental health and self-concept over anything else.

We are different. Irreversibly different from each other. I have trouble understanding how my friend can throw themselves into a situation like that so freely. And I’m sure they wonder how I live my life in the way that I do.

It’s odd. But it’s wonderful.

It makes me giddy that something I consider ‘bad’ may be just ‘neutral’ in someone else’s eyes. It makes me curious that something I always put about anything else is rather low on someone else’s list.

I’m trying to understand this lately. I’ve been trying to accept it.

I realise now that there is no ‘correct’ way of living life, seeing things or approaching situations. Every single person puts their own spin on their own needs.

And that’s entirely okay.

It’s entirely okay that someone isn’t like me.

And it’s entirely okay that their style of life is not compatible with mine.

So, while throughout my childhood, I’ve tried to look for the best way to live, I realise now that there is none. It’s all a matter of choice and what works best for someone.

I’m trying to come to terms with that in my own way.

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