Night silence

You know, living alone, it's the nights that are the quietest. Past 8:00 PM, when nearly everybody from my old life is asleep and everybody from my new life seemingly has plans. I unlock my phone and there's no messages. I open someone's chat and hope to see them online. But they're not. Or, they… Continue reading Night silence

A strange calling

Have you ever experienced those moments when everything around you suddenly stills, or moves in slow-motion, and the only thing, the only person that is moving at normal speed is you. In those moments, nothing on the outside matters, but on the inside, you can hear something calling your name. It's a little distant at… Continue reading A strange calling

There are some days

there are some days there are some dayswhen my heart tells mewait, pauseset your phone asidepick up that memory you've been avoidingthink about it,touch it again,live it heart tells mewait, pausesit still,let your soul connectwith someone else'smiles away from tells mego, listen to that song againsway to its melodyand let it fill you.… Continue reading There are some days