A strange calling

Have you ever experienced those moments when everything around you suddenly stills, or moves in slow-motion, and the only thing, the only person that is moving at normal speed is you. In those moments, nothing on the outside matters, but on the inside, you can hear something calling your name. It's a little distant at… Continue reading A strange calling

Wind-up toy

I believe that I do relatively well at university - both academically, in my co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. My marks, certificates and volunteering proves that. I think I do relatively well, or rather, I think others think I do relatively well. Lately, it's been a good time, achievement-wise for me - I've been interviewing people… Continue reading Wind-up toy

The minds of the people around me

Alright, so this is a thought that just came to me this morning. It's been barely 15 minutes since I've been fully awake but there's something different in the air today. Because you see, last night I had a conversation about some pretty heavy stuff with a friend. Pasts, presents, futures. Energies, paths and instincts.… Continue reading The minds of the people around me