A strange calling

Have you ever experienced those moments when everything around you suddenly stills, or moves in slow-motion, and the only thing, the only person that is moving at normal speed is you. In those moments, nothing on the outside matters, but on the inside, you can hear something calling your name.

It’s a little distant at first, I can’t tell what it is, or who it is. But it’s rising in my belly and making my chest feel a little heavier. It’s not a painful heavier, just enough to get my attention. And once I start paying attention to it, the thoughts in my mind flit and grow, wondering, pondering. I try to still my body and mind and I try to truly, wholly pay attention.

It’s rare that I figure out who or what is calling me. But there are times when I’ll feel closer to the energy that this thing or person is channeling in beautiful and enthralling ways. Saying it’s electric would not do it justice. But it is like a small buzz, a hum rather, that utterly engulfs me until I am one with that energy.

Today, right this moment, I feel like something, someone, is calling me. And I’m here to listen.

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