Power in a conversation

Just a few minutes ago, I was having a conversation with my internship/work supervisor. We were talking about a feedback and pitch call for potential clients.

She said something that really hit me. She said, always be conscious of the power you hold in a conversation. Ensure you have that power and you’re not simply giving it away. No matter the age, status or relationship you have with a professional contact, or a stranger, treat them as an equal. Don’t deem yourself to be any lesser than them.

In other words, be assertive and hold your ground, no matter what. Don’t let people push you around and direct a conversation you are in charge of.

Show power. Show assertiveness.

It was really brilliant for me to hear those words, because it’s true. I am someone who has issues with assertiveness, asking for what I know is mine, plus questioning things that I don’t agree with. In my conversations too, I’m passive sometimes. I often mistake respect for submission.

But I do want to work on the things she told me. Because I do want to be that person who displays an air of professionalism, put-togetherness and deems everyone an equal, despite who they are.

I never saw it that way before, but now I do see that a person’s power in conversations does matter – especially when talking to those who don’t know you.

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