Night silence

You know, living alone, it’s the nights that are the quietest. Past 8:00 PM, when nearly everybody from my old life is asleep and everybody from my new life seemingly has plans.

I unlock my phone and there’s no messages. I open someone’s chat and hope to see them online. But they’re not. Or, they are, but only momentarily. No one’s texting me, no one’s calling me and there is nothing productive left for me to do after a whole day of studying. I feel like a vegetable.

All I do is lay in my bed, stare at my phone and will someone, anyone to call me, text me about their day or even just say hi.

But it never happens. All I see are blue ticks and no friends online. It’s quiet. Lonesome. Frankly, I hate it. I just wish I had my friends to text me, call me, or do anything. Honestly, absolutely anything would do. Anything would be better than this tone deaf silence I live through every night.

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