UvA acceptance

I can still somewhat remember the evening I got into university. It was in February, I think. Nothing extraordinary. I remember walking from the living room and into my room, plopping down at my desk. I opened my laptop, and there it was, sent just a few minutes ago. An email from the University of Amsterdam saying that I had been accepted for a master’s programme.

My first reaction was to stop breathing, I think. This was the university I wanted to go to. The programme I wanted to be in. I couldn’t believe it. I remember cracking my bedroom door open and very softly going: “I got in”. No one heard or understood me at first. My mum was in the dining area and could see me. My brother was around too. I said it again, louder: “I got in!”

And suddenly, there was chaos. My dad came running out of his room, my mum was ecstatic, and my brother was congratulating me. Suddenly it went from a not-so-extraordinary evening to the evening I got into university. There were calls, happiness, and pride. My parents were proud. It made me proud. I was so, so happy. I was terrified, yet happy. It was a new beginning. I was going to move, start a new life, and specialise in my study and career. It felt exhilarating.

I wish I remembered that evening better. I wish I remember exactly how my mum’s face lit up, or my dad’s exact words, or my brother’s exact quips.

I don’t know, I guess I’m just feeling nostalgic tonight. It’s been over a year since I’ve moved to Amsterdam and over a year since I’ve been attending this programme. I’m learning incredible things and discovering interests I didn’t know were possible. I have some of the best role models and supervisors, some of the kindest and most motivating classmates, and some of the greatest opportunities. Everything’s possible right now. And it’s incredible.


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