Have you ever wondered about who you are? What are those little things that make you into you? What are your likes, dislikes and characteristics? Who are you?

The thought just occurred to me a couple moments ago. I was laying in bed, watching a video and it happened, I asked myself: Who am I?

You see, I’m the kind of person whose likes and dislikes keep changing. For instance, I used to despise mushrooms and now, I crave them. Or you’d see me with my nose stuck in a book all day before, whereas now, I can’t find the time or motivation to read.

That’s strange to me, because I still love to read. But I don’t want to right now. It doesn’t feel me.

Is that weird? Does everyone feel this way?

As if you go through these various phases in life wherein you are someone but then, just as quickly, you are transported to another phase and you’re someone different.

You’re still you, but something’s shifted. And it keeps shifting – like a cycle, perhaps.

Your essence stays the same, but you keep moulding yourself into different shapes, sizes and patterns. Like a block of clay.

You’re you but you’re also not you. So, who are you?

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