French boy

I met a French boy exactly a week ago. I looked at him and immediately knew I liked him. He was different from most men I’ve been attracted to in the past. Quiet, shy, smiles to himself when he’s thinking and laughs as a defence mechanism. He was cute. Seemed a little inexperienced with girls like me, so I took the lead.

We met again a couple days later and went on a date. It felt different because I knew he was leaving in a few days. I met him last Saturday and he left today. We had one week to get to know one another. One week to walk around the city, fall in love with the colours and sit by rivers, watching time pass us by. We had one week for us to hug goodbye but not kiss after our date only for me to think, well this is bullshit when I got to my bike. We had one week for me to turn around, walk back across the street and kiss him in the middle of it. One week for him to come over the next day, for us to lay in my sheets with my head on his arm and my hand on his chest. For me to ask him, French or English? And for him to laugh because I somehow always seemed to know what language he was thinking in. We had time for him to tell me he has to go to his farewell party at a bar and for me to ask him what he was doing after. We had enough time for him to tell me that he was just wondering about that, before asking me if he could come back to my place. We had enough time for me to say yes, but unfortunately, he couldn’t return that night.

He did, however, come back the next evening. And we spent it much like the previous day, tangled and bittersweet. We were sad because we only had one week. And when he had to leave last night, I kissed him and said five more minutes. Him on top of me, telling me he’ll miss me. Saying I look a little sad. Us saying we wish we’d met just a little earlier. Five months ago when he first got here for his exchange. Him saying despite it all, he’s glad we at least met with one week left. I agree.

I’m glad that we met with one week left too. I don’t know what would have come out of it if we had longer. But I’m grateful for the few days that we did have. Those few days are better to me than none at all.

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