A Proactive Approach

There’s a lot of things to do right now. Immigration. Paying my fees for university. Housing. So many things. In fact, just this week (as I wrote in my last post), I had a bit of a mini-breakdown thinking about whether it’s even worth leaving the country, spending so much money and living alone.

But this morning I realised that I’ve been taking the wrong approach to everything that’s been happening. I’ve been doing things as they come, completing tasks as I’ve been required to. Essentially, I’ve been taking a reactive approach to everything that’s happening.

I’ve been so caught up with the notion of doing these things that I haven’t actually started doing them. Which can be a little problematic, at times.

So starting now, I’m going to make a genuine effort to take a proactive approach, rather than a reactive one. I’ll do my part, read up and be in the best shape possible. Hopefully, it’ll help make this process slightly less taxing.

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